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A new kind of renewable energy company for a new kind of world

Artist's conception of the Ender plant

Artist's conception of the ENDER plant.

ENDER is a new kind of renewable energy company for a new kind of world. We live in a world that was built using abundant supplies of cheap fossil fuel. Our current economy and nearly every aspect of our current way of life is premised upon the continued existence of cheap and abundant petroleum and natural gas. All of that is about to change. As a renewable energy company focused on producing biodiesel from oil seed crops, ENDER is ready for the change ...

Houston, we have an energy problem ...

Graph of peak oil

Graph of Peak Oil from Energy and Power, a Scientific American book, 1971, p. 39.

Fossil fuels are neither as cheap nor as abundant as they once were. We have reached Peak Oil as described by the late U.S. geophysicist for Shell, Dr. M. King Hubbert. In recent decades, our domestic supplies of fossil fuels have been drying up, forcing us to increasingly rely upon imported oil. Our increasing dependence on imported oil represents a huge risk to our entire economy. A risk of this magnitude requires us as a nation to seriously reconsider how we obtain and use energy.

Besides the problem that fossil fuels are a finite resource, their use comes at a huge environmental cost. The burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, creating a greenhouse effect that makes the earth's atmosphere retain more heat. Global climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels over the past century is already altering climatic patterns, threatening crop production and melting polar ice.

In short, we live in a nation and in a world in desperate need of alternative sources of energy.

... Ender has a solution!

ENDER was founded to help meet America's need to replace a finite, dwindling, imported, and polluting energy resource with a cleaner, renewable, domestic, and greenhouse gas-neutral energy resource called biodiesel.

Biodiesel is a replacement for petroleum diesel fuel produced from vegetable oils such as soybean and canola (rapeseed) oil. Biodiesel in pure form (B100) or mixed with petroleum diesel (B20) can be used in existing diesel engines with no modification. It can be distributed nationwide using the same infrastructure used to distribute and dispense petroleum diesel.

ENDER intends to produce high-quality biodiesel (B100) for the burgeoning diesel market in the United States, supplying a renewable, sustainable and non-toxic alternative to petroleum diesel for use in transportation fleets, school buses, urban transportation, trains, boats, passenger vehicles, and everywhere else where petroleum diesel is currently used.

We live in a nation historically well-known for innovation. We are extremely proud to be an American company that hopes to innovate in a new world defined not by the unsustainable consumption of a finite and polluting energy resource, but rather by the responsible use of renewable fuels in a sustainable manner.